January 16, 2016


Dwayne Wolff, President

Jana Noble, Secretary

Nathan Caldwell, Member

Adam Taylor, Member

John Lee, Member – via phone


  1. Minutes of October 24, 2015 meeting were approved.  All members in agreement.

  2. Current monies in INSRA account are $12,311.00.

  3. State Doubles recap:  $3,065.00 taken in.  Expenses for event were $3,400.00.

  4. $765.00 not received from R2.

  5. Netted $600.00 as a whole.

  6. State Doubles was a success with Illinois players included.  Total number of players was 57, with 11 of those players from Illinois.

  7. Change of date for State Doubles was discussed, with a date in late September a possibility.

  8. Jenni McNaughton, of Sherck, Hussey, Johnson McNaughton will perform all bookkeeping services for INSRA and annually file all documents with secretary of State and prepare all tax documents with the IRS.  Her fee is $100.00 a month.  The Board voted and all agreed that Jenni will perform these services.

  9. Dwayne suggested binders for each board members to organize and keep track of everything.  Constitution, minutes, agendas, media reports, etc.  Dwayne will prepare these.

  10. The Board will continue to encourage players to attend Board meetings with possibility of new Board members.

  11. Website issues discussed once again.  This needs to be a priority.

  12. Adam will check with Gregg Leland about website update and maintenance.

  13. Nathan will check with Andy Sydelko about website update and maintenance.

  14. Adam is doing a Clinic at Ball State next weekend. Kevin Gearhart is sponsoring.  Kevin is also doing a conf. call with Ross re: possibilities of future tournaments at the Ball State facility.

  15. Discussed the fact that Kevin G. takes a lot of pictures at the tournaments, the Board has agreed to help him out, so that we can get these photos on the website.

  16. State singles will be held at Purdue in April.  No specific date yet.

  17. February 13, 2016 – Purdue tournament.

  18. February 20, 2016 – tournament in Illinois.  Becki is helping with this.

  19. March 5 – OMNI Event.

  20. Nathan discussed media updates.  You tube and Facebook statistics.

  21. Next meeting will be February 6, 2016 at 11:00 at the JCC.

  22. February 6, 2016…at the JCC.

Jana Noble


Indiana Racquetball Association