How To Register For An Event

All tournaments require formal registration. Registration includes fees and signed participation waiver. Events included sanction* and non-sanctioned* events. Players will register with the Tournament Director by doubles/singles division, skill level and gender divisions . Tournament Director will complete the division structure and order of play and post start times. For doubles and mixed doubles divisions, if you do not have a partner, the Tournament Director may pair single players to round out the division teams. Tournament Directions have final say in parings and start times all flights and divisions for that specific event. Tournament design is event specific. Each event will designate division and skill level offerings at event invitation through the registration form.

Sanctioned Tournament means that the event is registered with the United States Racquetball Association (USAR) and monitored by the local l state racquetball association. Registration offers Directors expanded marketing of the event, online registration tools and other promotional services. Tournament Directors pay a fee to register the event with the USAR. Each registered player is covered, on a limited basis, under the facility and/or organization binder for that event. Some sanctioned events offer players the opportunity to qualify for national completion tournaments. You must be a USAR member to register for a sanctioned event. Click here to learn more about member benefits or to become a member. Once a current member, you may play in any sanctioned event in the country. To qualify for national tournaments, you must play in a national qualifier which may include individual state singles or state doubles events. States may offer other national qualifiers on a state by state basis. To learn more about USAR membership and its benefits, click here.

You may register for a Sanctioned through the Tournament Director at the event registration desk or, USAR event promotional commination or the R2 Sports event registration website.

Non-Sanctioned events are typically localized club events managed by a club or one of their members. Non-sanctioned events have no impact on player national rankings and do not offer qualification for national competition. Registration for non-sanctioned events is determined by the individual facility or tournament director. INSRA has specific rules in non-sanctioned event promotions. Please contact the Board President for details.