Backwall Support

Indiana racquetball has always been lucky through the years to receive periodic donations from individuals who are excited about the sport and want to support its public awareness and growth. Many of these people are players who have enjoyed the game for many years. This generosity is greatly appreciated. As well, we seek out and are always grateful for those businesses and corporate sponsors who donate their support by providing food, service, merchandise, or funding which makes it possible to hold teaching clinics, tournaments, and other events. We are always grateful for such generosity, and we wish to acknowledge their support.

We would also like to remind everyone of those that have achieved recognition as contributors and players elected to the Indiana Racquetball Hall of Fame, many of whom continue to support Indiana players—see list! As you’ll notice, there are years when no one has been elected, reinforcing the level of commitment it takes to warrant consideration. Join us in promoting racquetball in Indiana! You’ll be hearing more about this election process early next year.

Current Contributors/Sponsors Include:

INSRA Hall of Fame Winners

2016-17: Dr. Allan Arkush
2015-16: No award
2014-15: Don Rolland
2013-14: Al and Diane Taylor
2012-13: Rich Bowman
2011-12: Diane Moore
2009-10: Bob Wright
2008-09: Ryan Griffin
2007-08: Vince Griffin
2006-07: No inductee

2005-06: Mike Worley
2004-05: No inductee
2003-04: Rick Killion
2002-03: Keith Barry
2001-02: Bob Craig
2000-01: John Amatulli
1999-00: Jeff Wright
1998-99: Ron Hutcherson
1997-98: Kaye Kuhfeld
1996-97: Mike LaBonne and Renee LaBonne

1995-96: Tony Gabriel
1994-95: Debbie Chaney
1993-94: Charlie Gunn
1992-93: Ron Johnson
1991-92: Pierre Miller
1990-91: Rex Lawler
1989-90: Earl Dixon
1988-89: Michael Arnolt