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Hi everyone!

As all of you know, the 2020 Indiana racquetball event schedule has been significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the public health measures that have been implemented to protect us all. The March Madness doubles event, the Lifetime/Gearbox shootout, the Purdue cup, and Indiana State singles have all been postponed until further notice. Please see the revised event schedule below.

The INSRA board intends to reschedule these events as soon as the immediate crisis passes and we are able to make alternative plans. This intent is tempered by the inability to predict when public health restrictions will be lifted. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this sobering time.

We are still looking forward to reconstructing the early 2020 season, so please keep your hopes up! Last year was a pleasure for all of us on the board because we played with many of you in Indiana, and other state and national events. And we continue to be grateful for your suggestions, constructive comments, and active participation in efforts to keep Indiana racquetball thriving throughout the state. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you soon.

Tom Bainbridge already opened the season at the Omni in Schererville (see Recent Events also).

Get a look at the rest of the schedule, we’ll keep you posted on the rescheduling of postponed events as information becomes available. Make some plans for our charity events as well – they’re always fun, and it always feels right to donate to those in need. And if you really want to get better quickly with expert guidance, take a look at the dates Sheryl Lotts and Rocky Carson are coming by—all of those who attended last year thought it was time, effort and money well spent.

In the meantime, take every precaution to keep yourselves safe and your families protected. Take a look at the CDC website to keep yourselves educated about this pandemic and our collective safety. Take care of each other. And try to stay in shape! Use your imagination, home equipment, ellipticals, home bikes, apps, videos, etc. We hope to see you on the courts soon!

Your INSRA Board

If you are new to R2 or do not have a USA racquetball membership or have any questions please call Patrick Buckley @ 317-285-9625.

OMNI Open2/29Franciscan Health & Fitness, ScherervilleTom Bainbridge
March Madness DoublesPostponed until further noticeMike Pace
Lifetime / Gearbox ShootoutPostponed until further noticePatrick Buckley
Purdue CupPostponed until further noticeJakob Molskness
IN State SinglesPostponed until further noticeJody Ashley
Sheryl Lotts ShootoutPostponed until further noticePatrick Buckley
Lifetime / Gearbox ShootoutPostponed until further noticePatrick Buckley
IN State DoublesPostponed until further noticeMike Pace
Rocky Carson Clinic8/1 - 8/2Central Branch YMCA, Fort WaynePatrick Buckley
Racquets for RescuesPostponed until further noticeChris Cerny
Lifetime / Gearbox ShootoutPostponed until further noticePatrick Buckley
Great Pumpkin ShootoutPostponed until further noticePatrick Buckley
Players CupPostponed until further noticeTom Bainbridge

The above schedule of events is being shared for planning and informational purposes only and is subject to change. Please see R2 sports for the official list of sanctioned racquetball events offered nationwide.